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Salam Alaikum,

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have stopped updating this blog. I have started putting new updates, videos and photos at shia-chennai.webyam.com so please visit me there!

Yes expect lot more azadari videos and azadari photos on my new blog!!

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7th Moharram 1431, 25th December 2009 Nare Video of Triplicane High Road

This video is taken at Triplican High Road, Chennai. This is this year’s 7th Moharram video. Traditionally matam is stopped at the end of the pycrofts road and momineen just keep walking and doing nare baazi, and again matam is started when juloos takes right turn. Undoubtedly this is biggest and best savari of Chennai.

In this video a small kid is sending nare and all the public giving him all the support. Sorry about posting it so late. I will try to be as prompt as possible.


Khuda aapko kisi gham me na rulaye sivaye gham-e-Hussain (a.s.) ke!

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Video of this year’s 7th Moharram azadari matam at Triplicane Chennai

This video covers the nerve of the 7th Moharram juloos of Triplicane Chennai. Matam is very well covered in this video.

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One more video of 7th Moharram juloos of Triplicane Chennai (December 25th 2009)

In this video you can see a bird eye view of matami juloos. Good thing about this video is entire procession including hand matam and zanjeeri matam is covered.

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Zanjeer matam video of 7th Moharram Triplicane Chennai (December 2009)

This short video was taken on 7th Moharram 1431 (english date 25th December 2009) at pycroft road, triplicane, chennai. This video covers zanjeeri matam. The nauha in this video is one of the all time hit in Chennai. Keep coming back, I will be posting more photos and videos of Saathvi and Shahadat.



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Video of Chennai 7th Moharram 1431 (December 25th 2009) – Hand matam…

This video was taken at Pycroft road triplicane. This is the Chennai’s biggest savari (matami procession). In this video you can hand matam. The nauha in this video is one of the very favourite nauhay of Chennai. Please comment to help us improve.

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